Wirelessly attach wired cameras - Part 2

If you're following along in this series, you know that the purpose of this is to extend our network to allow us to have our power over ethernet cameras far away from our router.

In part one, we flashed our tp-link wr841n with DD-WRT to allow us to turn it into a range extender.

I'm not even going to lie: https://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Repeater_Bridge is how we are going to configure this.

  1. Log in to your newly flashed dd-wrt instance.
  2. Go to Wireless > Basic Settings
  3. Change Wireless mode to Repeater Bridge
  4. Make sure you match the network mode to the wireless router you are connecting it to.
  5. Channel set to auto
  6. Save - do not apply yet

Next, go to Virtual Interfaces, click Add. For SSID put the name of the wireless router you are connecting to - case matters. Save - do not apply yet.

Next, go to Wireless > Wireless Security - Set your security mode to match the wireless router you are connecting to. Save - do not apply.

Go to Security > Firewall - disable DNSMasq. Save - do not apply.

Setup > Basic Setup

  1. WAN Connection Type: Disabled
  2. IP Address: Give an ip on your network, like x.x.x.2
  3. Mask: Give it your subnet mask
  4. Gateway: Give it the gateway address
  5. Disable DHCP
  6. Local DNS: Gateway address
  7. Assign WAN Port to Switch
  8. Change the name of the router to something meaningful
  9. Save - do not apply.

Go to Setup > Advanced Routing and change mode to Router
Save & Apply

Note, your IP has now changed, so you will need to log in to your x.x.x.2 address. Your router should now be acting as a client to your main network and you should've recieved DHCP from your main router. Try connecting to the internet, if you can't, give it a minute, maybe try to restart, maybe move it closer... otherwise you dun goof'd and I highly highly suggest a full DD-WRT reset and start over.

If all is well, you are ready to move on to phase three.

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